Hi! as you can see everywhere my name is grau, I’m a design major that is trying to figure out what to do with his live. To get to that point I’m using all the help I can get by being a master’s Candidate at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

I’m interested on the crossroad between design and technology. I got the design part covered and I’ve been diving into the engineering part of the deal. I use programing to apply it to web and physical projects using devices like Arduino and other micro-controllers. But my main focus is web, and learning how it works and what are it’s capabilities.

This website serves as a portfolio of my favorite projects so far and as an image of what I’m capable of. If you are interested on knowing about my most recent work, you should visit my blog, were I am much more active, and you can actually see what I am up to right know. This website takes a while to get updated, so the projects shown here are a bit older and do not represent what I’m really doing and have learned in the past months. And If you don’t have enough and really wanna know what I’m working on right at this exact moment take a look at my GitHub.

Do not hesitate on sending me an email.
Any advice? wanna send hate mail? Love mail…? Go ahead!



  • designer learning tech
  • web is my main focus
  • you should check out my blog
  • go down the rabbit hole an come and visit my GitHub.
  • I really try to be active on intagram
  • if for some reason you want my CV take it, I also have linkedIn.